What To Look For When Choosing a Used Car


Shopping for used cars can be overwhelming. You want to end up with the right car for you. The right car often means a vehicle in good condition, with good fuel economy, and fits your needs. So how can you improve your search results? Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a used car.

What to Look For With Used Car Dealers

Certified vs. Uncertified Used Cars

Not all used cars need to be "certified used cars" to be good. However, a certified used car is usually guaranteed to be in excellent condition. To understand why it helps to know the difference between a certified used car and all other used cars.

A certified used car that a dealership sells specializes in selling that particular car brand. So, for instance, a dealership that sells new Hyundai vehicles can certify the most used Hyundai vehicles in their inventory. Usually, the "certified" tag means that a car has been lightly used, has no significant damage history, and has had repairs to "like new" condition before being resold. So, if you can find a certified used car that suits you, you can usually get an excellent deal for a great vehicle.

Vehicle History

Whether or not the used car is certified, having access to the vehicle history is essential. Most used car dealers will display the car's mileage in the listing. While this number is necessary, it's not the only thing you should care about. Accident and maintenance history is often more important when assessing the quality of a used car for sale. Always ask for the vehicle history report if it is not made readily available by your car dealer.


When looking at used cars, look for scratches, dents, rust, and cracks in windows. Any damage could be an indication of other underlying problems.

You should also make sure the car is not lopsided when parked. If the vehicle appears uneven on flat ground, it could have a problem with the suspension.


Carefully inspect the tires on all used cars you look at. Of course, you want the tires to have plenty of treads left. Worn-out tires will need replacement sooner. On the other hand, if the tires look new, it is often a sign that the used car dealer pays attention to detail. 


Most people prefer to take used cars for test drives before signing off on a purchase. This is a wise decision, as a test drive is the only way to get a natural feel for how the car performs. You want to pay attention to as many things as possible during a test drive. Check the brakes, acceleration, and handling while you drive. Listen for any concerning engine noises both before and during the campaign. And also, don't be afraid to fiddle with all the electronics and AC. Before buying, you want to ensure you're entirely comfortable in a used car.

Shop Hyundai Used Cars

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