What is Hyundai Car Care?

If you have a Hyundai in need of service or maintenance, you'll need Hyundai Car Care. Hyundai Car Care is a comprehensive package of maintenance and service available to Hyundai owners. With regular maintenance from your local Hyundai Car Care center you can make the most out of your Hyundai.

It takes hard work to maintain and take care of any car, and a Hyundai is no exception. With help from the friendly specialists from your local Hyundai Car Care center, that maintenance and service can be easy. We'll take a closer look at what Hyundai Car Care offers and what it means. We'll also be taking a closer look at the MyHundai with Bluelink App integrated into Hyundai Car Care, which gives extra service even beyond the Hyundai Car Care center.

The Hyundai Maintenance Process Explained

Hyundai maintenance starts when you bring your Hyundai into a licensed Hyundai Car Care center. There, you will receive a high degree of care in how both you and your Hyundai are treated. Hyundai Car Care dealers pledge to always respect your time and allow for convenient appointment scheduling. They also pledge free multi-point inspections, clear explanations of service, and a recap of all work completed.

Original Hyundai parts are handled by factory-trained technicians to make sure there aren't any complications in your car's servicing. Not only that, those technicians will perform a free multi-point inspection on every service visit. The sooner a problem is spotted and fixed the smaller of a problem it will be to solve. With regular inspection and service from a Hyundai car care specialist, you'll get the most out of your Hyundai.

Friendly Hyundai Services

With Hyundai services, friendly customer service is a top priority. Performing car maintenance isn't something any of us inherently want to do. That doesn't mean that getting your Hyundai serviced has to be an unpleasant experience. Our friendly specialists are there not just to make sure your car is running its best. They're also there to help you feel good about how your Hyundai is running.

Some Hyundai services near me also may be Hyundai Car Care Express centers. These facilities will perform a range of services for Hyundais. These include one-hour oil and filter changes, checking the battery, tire pressure and rotations, filter service, wiper and battery replacement, and pouring in fuel system cleaner. With premium services like these, many of the parts most regularly prone to wear or degradation can be quickly replaced.

Extra Care from The MyHyundai with Bluelink App

The benefits of Hyundai Car Care don't just stop with maintenance and services. In addition to the care services highlighted above, Hyundai Car Care also includes the MyHundai with Bluelink app. It's available on mobile devices and smart home assistance, providing access to great features and additional services. You can use MyHundai with Bluelink to manage and schedule your vehicle's maintenance, access great features and services, and more. The app can provide maintenance alerts, vehicle health reports, remote locking, help to find nearby gas stations, and more.

If you want to know more about Hyundai car care, come in for a visit to Mitchell Hyundai today. We care a whole lot about Hyundai here at Mitchell, including both maintenance and service plans. If you're interested in caring for a Hyundai yourself or have one in need of care, go to Mitchell Hyundai to get set up. Our experts will help you set up the kind of Hyundai car care that will last the test of time. Call or schedule an appointment for more information.